In principle

︎︎︎ Less time spent means more time gained

The less time spent buying stuff for work, the more time you can focus on or your life. Repetitive tasks can be automatic. If a shortcut exists, take it. If a decision can be taken for you, it should. We never optimise to keep you in our universe for longer. We never force you to look at a screen for longer than needed.

︎︎︎ Remove the friction, and I’ll use it

Pleo works for many complex processes, but never makes things feel complicated. We're making people conform to a business process – one they would prefer to avoid - so we have to make success easy.

︎︎︎ Good design should be felt, not seen

Isn’t it nice when things just work? In a screen-based world it’s very tempting to put things on screens. But sometimes things should work behind the scenes – no interface needed. The outcome of good design can be felt; things in order, problems solved, things you don’t have to worry about.

︎︎︎ Trust enabled by default

Assume the best, plan for the worst. Employees are trusted with company money. We don’t design for restriction – but we do design to ease bad situations.

︎︎︎ We’re only human

People have names, people have faces. They’re not resources, they’re more than ID numbers. People are behind decisions. We represent people well. We use their photos, their names. Our industry is widespread with jargon. Pleo talks in regular human language to regular humans.

︎︎︎ Do it for the doggos

The decisions we make not only impact the people using our product, but also the planet at large. Design for reduced waste, increased sustainability and energy efficiency, so we can play our part in the fight against climate change.

︎︎︎ Fairness is only fair

Everyone can use Pleo, because that is fair. No matter their technical background, cultural background or physical ability. We’re up-front about what is happening. We don’t hide, mask, hoodwink, misdirect, or trick. We treat people as we’d want to be treated ourselves.

︎︎︎ Cohesive over consistent

Pleo feels like Pleo in all situations. But we don’t force consistency at the cost of cohesiveness. Things feel familiar, not identical.

︎︎︎ Polished but not decorative

Pleo feels like a well made, responsive and considered product. It feels like it’s built by smart people who give a shit about design. But we don’t decorate for decoration's sake. Choices around form, colour, typography, illustration, and animation are purposeful and based in reason.

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